4-wk Movement Courses

We offer two movement courses, any questions, please contact us.

Mobility: Be a Supple Leopard

Getting tight muscles and tissues that affect our range of motion is one of the most insidious barriers to our health in the modern age. We sit for extended periods of time, walk less than we ever have before, and take very little time to move the way we should. People now suffer from chronic neck, hip, back and knee pain like never before.

This 4-week course addresses all the commonly restricted joints, taking people through movements and techniques that they can use to alleviate these tight, sore areas. This session is delivered in a fun, engaging way, leaving participants with a programme that they can put into action right away.

Movement Matters

There are foundational movement principles that make us healthy humans. In the first practical session, people will perform a basic ‘self-assessment’ and ‘self-programme’ around how they can integrate this into their lifestyle.

As the course moves deeper and explores what will work better for them, their genetics and lifestyle requirements.

Both of these courses require people to wear loose fitting clothing, but is designed to be a fun, non-intimidating experience for everyone.

Our System creates success

Develop a strategy

Developing a long term vision for your organisation ensures that staff are proactive and can take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

Deliver Wellbeing Programme

Ensuring that an aging workforce that is challenged by growing levels of stress gets the best tools possible to be effective.

Evaluate Data & Innovate

We help to determine the critical risk segments that are currently standing in the way of your organisation’s performance. Using this data will help to refocus and innovate wellbeing strategies so that your return on investment is achieved.

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