Allied health

HealthFit are proud to work, learn and develop alongside these established and reputable health providers.

If you wish to become an allied health partner, contact us.

WSP believes in being a team, they believe it leads to achievable outcomes for their clients. Their physiotherapists and wellness practitioners support each other, share learning, consult over complex problems, internally refer to one another … and sometimes they even get out and have some fun together. This means when you book in to see one of their team, you get the benefit of the whole team’s collective wisdom and experience.

Sharing premises with Pacific Radiology (x-rays and ultrasounds), as well as High Performance Sport New Zealand (and their state-of-the-art Strength & Rehabilitation Gym) means that WSM has the most up-to-date and modern facilities available in Greater Wellington.

The WSM team offer a range of professionals who work in an integrated environment to achieve optimal care for their clients. This includes all aspects of injury prevention, assessment and treatment.

The integrated medical health team at WSM include a Sports Physician, Sports Doctors, Physiotherapists, Podiatrist, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Rheumatologist, Massage Therapist and access to Strength and Conditioning Trainers. Xrays and Ultrasound scans can be undertaken on site by Pacific Radiology with priority status to accelerate diagnosis and appropriate injury management.

What really brings WellMe to life is our network of experts and coaches, who are adept in every aspect of health and wellbeing, such as mental performance, nutrition, workstation health, mindfulness and much, much more.

Our System creates success

Develop a strategy

Developing a long term vision for your organisation ensures that staff are proactive and can take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

Deliver Wellbeing Programme

Ensuring that an aging workforce that is challenged by growing levels of stress gets the best tools possible to be effective.

Evaluate Data & Innovate

We help to determine the critical risk segments that are currently standing in the way of your organisation’s performance. Using this data will help to refocus and innovate wellbeing strategies so that your return on investment is achieved.

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