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Our mission

HealthFit assesses, educates and engages with over 38000 people every year. We have an award-winning, national team of experts who specialise in a range of health and wellness topics that your organisation needs to be their best.

A quality provider needs to balance expertise and experience to ensure that wellbeing programmes have high quality delivery with consistent messaging. We are proud to say that we have been delivering these programmes for over 15 years.








HEALTHFIT Management

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Greig Rightford

Strategy & Development
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Mish McCormack

Client Engagement
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Theo Bostrovas

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Carl Hammington

Education & Upskilling
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Our System creates success

Develop a strategy

Developing a long term vision for your organisation ensures that staff are proactive and can take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

Deliver Wellbeing Programme

Ensuring that an aging workforce that is challenged by growing levels of stress gets the best tools possible to be effective.

Evaluate Data & Innovate

We help to determine the critical risk segments that are currently standing in the way of your organisation’s performance. Using this data will help to refocus and innovate wellbeing strategies so that your return on investment is achieved.