the ultimate xmas Offer

Christmas is a great time to be with loved ones
but its also a time that many of us sacrifice our health and can make choices that we can regret later!

So we have decided to create an amazing Health & Wellbeing package to give to your loved ones this Christmas.

this package Offers:

1 x 30min Consultation with an expert
1 x 45min Relaxation Massage
1 x Strength & Conditioning Programme
2 x 45min Personal Training Sessions
3-month Gym Membership

We'll be able to meet, make a plan and follow up intensively on these lucky people - along their journey to better health!
All of this will be presented with a gift voucher and a Xmas card.

Our normal price for this package would be over $700.00 in Wellington, but for the next two weeks,
we will be offering this for the reduced price of $489.00!

We have only 10 packages available and this offer will expire on Thursday 19th December at 4:00 pm,
so don't hesitate to click the button, and give the gift of a lifetime!

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