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Ph360 Epigenetics


Select a plan, get a coach & become the best version of yourself.

This is a system that assesses your; genes, what life has done to your genes (what genes are switched on and off) and then provides detailed lifestyle actions as to how you can get the best of your genes! The HealthFit Ph360 system integrates 15 different sciences and thousands of scientific studies, into algorithms which are constantly updated.

Combining, this great tech platform, that integrates an artificial intelligence component called 'deep learning' technology, with the best, qualified coaches in New Zealand - its time to change your life for the better - and take action.

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ph360 Health Coaching

60min assessment &
45min follow-up session

4 x 20min health coaching sessions with a qualified HealthFit coach.

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ph360 performance coaching

60min assessment &
45min follow-up session

8 x 20min performance coaching sessions with a qualified HealthFit coach

Personalised performance programme.

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HealthFit PH360 System.

Assessment. Follow-up. Coaching.

A compulsory requirement for any of our HealthFit PH360 programmes, is that you work with one of our qualified coaches in some way, shape or form. This is essential to help you apply all the in-depth information that you'll be getting from us.

Our HealthFit coaches are trained each week to structure, programme and prescribe this program you. We follow-up with regular (in person or online) 20 minute appointments to help you navigate your specific challenges.

Why everyone needs to do this

Have you ever wondered why certain diets, exercise regimes or lifestyle actions work for others, but not yourself despite the 'research' that suggests it should?

Its not your fault! We are all genetically different, but further more, your life up until this point has influenced your genetic expression. Therefore, one size obviously won't fit all when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Furthermore, your entire environment is important - your circadian rhythms (sleep wake cycles), your workplace, geo-location, social environment and even cognitive and creative talents are all influential on your specific genes.

You will find out what diet, what forms of exercise and movement, what cognitive tasks, what operating rhythms, what social environments, what cognitive tasks and even what physical locations are best for you, and your genes. This will help to switch on good genes, switch off bad genes and allow you to be the best version of yourself.

NEED A top up of coaching sessions?

4 coaching sessions8 coaching sessions

Our System creates success


One of our senior trainers with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry will be able to screen and assess what your main performance barriers are.


We take the most important information from your assessment and with your permission, we meet with our team every week to create the best pathway forward for you.


We work to decrease any chance of injury and use our services and classes to help get you the best results possible.

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