Holistic Movement Coach & Pilates Instructor
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Nellie offers movement coaching and Pilates. She loves to help people with corrective movement training to create a strong foundation for being the very best version of yourself!

Whether you are an elite athlete trying to find that extra little tweak to help you perform or just starting your fitness journey and not quite sure where to start, Nellie can help you! She is especially passionate about helping people find ways to be healthier and fitter without going to extreme measures. Her belief is that if you don't like movement or exercise then you just haven't yet found the right type of movement or exercise for you yet!

With Nellie you won't be constantly focused on what the scales say or body fat measurements -  instead focus on feeling stronger, more capable, more functional and more confident in your own body. Nellie's approach is less on the aesthetic and more on improving your capabilities, skills and developing a better relationship with your body.

If you are looking for a movement coach that can help you feel more confident, comfortable in your own skin, strong and able, whilst still having fun with movement, then please get in touch with Nellie for a free 30-minute consult to figure out if she is the right trainer for you!

Our System creates success


One of our senior trainers with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry will be able to screen and assess what your main performance barriers are.


We take the most important information from your assessment and with your permission, we meet with our team every week to create the best pathway forward for you.


We work to decrease any chance of injury and use our services and classes to help get you the best results possible.

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