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multi-club Membership

$39.99 per week

Going out to Martinborough fairly regularly? This membership gives you access to our gym out there too! Like Wellington, we have some great classes and amazing location amongst vines. We are located on the corner of Regent & New York Street, right next to the Martinborough Rugby Club.  
In summary you receive:

  • Access to one class at that location.
  • 2 Max. visits to either club
  • Gym Access


$34.99 per week

This Membership offers a little bit of everything. It's perfect for the busy person wanting to fit in one of our programmes or a personal training session, whilst also having full access to our fantastic gym and studio.
In summary you receive:

If after 5 weeks you'd like to try another programme, that’s fine! Just let us know and we can make the necessary changes.


$69.99 per week

This really is the Ultimate membership for a highly motivated person. You get access to an unlimited amount of 5 week Small Group Training programmes.

In summary you receive:


$29.99 per week

This membership is perfect for the person wanting to rehabilitate themselves from injury or in conjunction with a physiotherapist. Provide us with the contact details of your physiotherapist or specialist so we can communicate with them and you’ll receive a 20% discount off our standard rates. This is our commitment to your rehabilitation..

In summary you receive:

Our System creates success


One of our senior trainers with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry will be able to screen and assess what your main performance barriers are.


We take the most important information from your assessment and with your permission, we meet with our team every week to create the best pathway forward for you.


We work to decrease any chance of injury and use our services and classes to help get you the best results possible.

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