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Every year we have a really busy year of fun, social events; fitness challenges; engaging education workshops and online webinars too.

Take a look at what is coming up and remember to book your place because we fill up quickly.

strength Endurance
5th, 7th & 10th August

It’s that time of the year again! If you enjoy competing with yourself, with others, or enjoy a reason to improve your physical wellbeing then our Benchmark events are for you! The theme for this next challenge is 'strength endurance'. You goal will be you to lift as much weight as possible within a given time frame - in a safe environment.

As always, there will be a positive ratio of personal trainers to participants to ensure perfect form and safety.
Your result will be recorded and then the workout will be repeated five weeks later so you have an opportunity to work on your weak areas and come back stronger! 

We will release more details of the benchmark itself in a couple of weeks. Assessments will be during normal strength class times during those weeks: Monday 5th August 6:15 AM, Wednesday 7th August 6:15 AM & 6 PM, Saturday 10th August 10:30 AM and this is free.
Call us on 04 979 9056 or book below to get in quick as places are limited!

2nd Oct to 1st Dec

It's that time of the year again and the new and improved 'Spring into Summer Challenge' is back!

We are very excited to bring some new additions to the challenge!

This challenge is for anyone wanting to get focused on their goals before summer.
We want you to become the best YOU possible and you have 2 months to do it.  

Join us for the Launch Night Workshop as well as other educational workshops throughout the challenge to help you learn and apply new knowledge.
All fitness challenges and workshops will take place at HealthFit but your challenge will be for 2 months so you'll need to be able to apply improvements to your day to day life too! 
Bring a friend to join in on the challenge and you both get 10% off

More info coming soon!


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 The Ultimate Wellington Run Clinic!
Coming January 2020
Experience the best 5-day run clinic of your life!

What You Get In This Years Package

Day 1: Coaching & Goal Planning
Greig kicks off the week by introducing the programme, your coaches,and what priorities are worth considering to get the most out of your running for the week - and the year!

Day 2: Mobility
George will take us through a run specific session on the areas that get most restricted. This is a high value session that will help improve recovery and performance within your run motion.

Day 3: Running Technique
This session will help deliver the solutions all runners are seeking to improve their running performance and efficiency. Runners will leave with a run technique programme for them to kick off right away!

Day 4: Run Specific Conditioning
Do you know what specific strengthening exercises you need to improve your stamina and endurance? Most don't, we take you through the most specific exercises.

Day 5: Interval Training In's & Outs
Interval training is second to none when it comes to improving fitness, but its important that your training is structured properly. You'll leave this session with a 5-week interval training programme that you can put into action the following week!

Bonus - Included with this special offer
SOS Rehydrate (electrolytes)
HIIT Programme
Running Technique Programme
 Running Conditioning Programme

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