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 Practical application: Muscles & Meridians
with Phillip Beach - 21 February

If you are a physiotherapist, osteopath or movement practitioner and you're passionate about movement, as well as understanding how humans are designed to move - then this workshop is for you.

This course has designed specifically for practitioners with an in-depth exploration of Phillip's powerful and novel 'Muscles and Meridians' system.

Phil draws on many sciences to create this complete system including:

- Biomechanics
- Physiology
- Embryology
- Evolutionary
- Biology
- Biological Anthropology
- Traditional Chinese Medicine

This will have both theory & practical applications so the practitioner will walk away with a good understanding of these systems, as well as practical tools.

You will learn how to asses, address and progress the following: Contractile field model - Understanding human patterns, Archetypal Postures - Evolutionary human ground postures and patterns 'Errectorcises' - ground-up patterns that help 'tune' the human body.

COST $399 - 5 CPD's available
You will never get a price this good again for a 1-day course
with someone of this calibre.

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