healthfit Strength

Mondays 6:15am, Wednesdays 6:15AM 6:00pm, SATURDAYs 10:30am
This programme is about learning, experiencing and applying smart training techniques. We see so many people who have ‘dabbled’ in strength training before, or have experienced injury through poor weight-lifting technique. This programme is created with a “smart strength” approach in mind to help educate, strengthen and provide lasting results for you!
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Our highly experienced coaches focus on


Muscle Activation Techniques

Progressive Movements

Functional strength that converts to real life performance

These 45 minute (moderate intensity) sessions will challenge and motivate you in a highly supportive, small-group training environment. This is worth trying if you’re looking for an enjoyable and functional approach to strength training.
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Research benefits

Research shows us that strength training improves physical wellbeing including treating and prevention of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and obesity but also psychological wellbeing. If it is performed in a progressive and planned manner this will produce better results.

What Biotype is HealthFit Strength best suited for?

Because this type of training involves movements in all directions and varied loads, these classes are suited for all biotypes, however the approach and even the ideal time of the session will vary so please talk with your instructor.

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