Healthfit Run

Mondays : CONDITIONING AT 5:30pm 
THURSDAYS : technique AT 7:00Am
Join the ultimate running programme to help you to run smarter, reduce injury, recover more effectively and get better results.!

We have run coaches with over 15 years of experience in creating programmes to improve running technique and conditioning so that you can perform at your best.

Research benefits

Research shows us that regular running has many health benefits including reducing all cause mortality and in particular cardiovascular disease. Running in a community based environment may yield increased adherence and better results especially when the programme design is of a high standard.

What Biotype is HealthFit Run best suited for?

Because this type of training involves both shorter, faster periods of running and longer periods of high sustained intensity, this programme is perfectly suited toward Crusaders & Activators.

Other biotrends can still attend but may approach it in a different way - eg diplomats will need more connective tissue strengthening and sensors must be well rested - please talk to your instructor.

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